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Daniel Hannan

Has anyone seen this video of Daniel Hannan rebuking our illustrious leader?

Or this one of Nigel Farrage?


Re: Daniel Hannan

We in the tax profession always knew Brown was incompetent, while you were all thinking "Blair may be a plausible fake who, if he swallowed a nail, would sh*t a corkscrew, but that Brown is a prudent, serious, Scotsmanlike sort of chap." Neither Brown nor Darling has any qualification relevant to fiscal policy, nor any understanding of such policy, nor any intellectual curiosity about it; but, worst of all, they do not know that they are so ignorant. We need people who can add up and take away in these important jobs.

Re: Re: Daniel Hannan

I never had any illusions about either Blair or Brown.

I only posted that for the meticulous way in which Brown was demolished by both gentlemen.

The look of utter contempt on Hannans face as he sits down is priceless.