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Re: Bug Infestation

The weighing system will be in the loading arm that automatically finds the bin. The microchip will likely be RFID allowing the robotic arm to both find it AND allocate the weight in it to the correct account. There will be only 1 rubbishman, in the future driving the truck, he will just get the truck close enough to the bin for the system to find it, the the truck will go into "auto" mode and pick up the bin and dump it.

They will charge twice as much for this service as the previous service.

Re: Bug Infestation

There were some trials in the UK to see if microchipped bins could be used for weighing rubbish, but according to newspaper reports last year, the trials were a disaster with the technology proving to be too unreliable:


I can't imagine a system where the dustbin crew just consists of 1 man, the vehicle driver operating a robotic arm, being workable in the UK. There are too many parked cars on UK streets to have robotic arms swinging about picking up wheelie bins.

Re: Bug Infestation

But before we dismiss it as unworkable we should remember that no government initiative is allowed to die just because it doesn't work.

In this instance they will borrow from the Americans (again)and require that on collection days no cars may be parked on the street.

Of course, in America they do alternate sides of the street on alternate weeks but here they will insist you try and find somewhere else to park. Where, is up to you but just think of all the collateral benefits for local government when they find so many badly parked cars they can issue £60 penalties to.

Re: Bug Infestation

Exactly. I passed a rubbish man on the way to work this morning. 1 Man, 1 robot arm. The arm was manual, but it was set up so that the driver could do it himself. Drive up, pull the bin to the arm, arm dumps bin into dumpster, rubbish man puts bin back where he got it, climbs back into vehicle and drives forward to the next bin. Admittedly this was on a "rural" road where no one was parking on the street.

We don't really worry about weight, just volume. Put all you want into the bin, but make sure it slides out okay. If it doesn't, that's you problem, you get to pay for the pickup even though it wasn't picked up. (hint: you shouldn't fill up your bin with mud that will stick to the bin). There is a practical limit though, if the rubbish man can't move the container to the vehicle (in the case of the aforementioned mud), it will be considered "overweight".

Gone are the days though, when you could stick a couch on the side of the road and they would pick it up.

Re: Bug Infestation

I thought the proper way to dispose of a couch was to leave it on the street and wait for the local urchins to set fire to it. Much quicker than the council coming along to collect it.

Re: Bug Infestation

The "proper" way to dispose of a couch is to load it up in your truck, carry it to your brother-in-laws house (in the county where open fires are allowed) and throwing it on the burn pile. Just remember to do it in the late evening to cover up any black smoke that rises.