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Re: Penquins

This is bad news. Dark poo absorbs heat which causes the climate to heat up. More penguins is thus bad news not good. maybe we need to cull a few of the surplus populations? Or we need to explain to the penguins that they must poo white and not brown. I'm sure it just needs a quick slight of genetic modification.
Otherwise, if we are to be expected to paint our roofs and roads white (except in the UK where Health and safety regulations etc apparently prevent it) then what's the point if penguins are pooping brown all over the ice?

Re: Penquins

"We can't see actual penguins on the satellite maps because the resolution isn't good enough."

So, how do they know they are observing penguin colonies? They also note that according to the brown stains, a total of twelve colonies were either missing or relocated when compared to old maps of colonies.

Seems like they have all the uncertainties nailed...