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Big taxes need big lies

Apologies if this posts twice, as it didn't go through the first time. At least, I don't think it did so I'm re-sending it.

Hello Mr. Brignell (and the NumberWatch forum),

Before I get to the point of this posting, I would like to say that finding this site has lead directly to the preservation of my sanity on more than one occaison*.

I know, I know... Sanity? In today's world?! It sounds insane that such a thing can exist. But exist it does so I thank you, Mr. Brignell, for creating an island of sanity that is the Number Watch website!

Now, on to the point. This is in response to one of Mr. Brignells latest entries, "Big taxes, big lies" ....

I can assure my good neighbors across the Big Pond that here, in the (dis?)United States of America, Barack Obama's socialist agenda is seen for what it is. Especially "climate change". One need only go to a public forum, such as Yahoo News, where AGW/GW junk-science is frequently (if cyclicly, to the needs of the propagandists) reported, and read the responses. True, many do not argue on scientific grounds but they do realize a spade when they see one, at least.

It's for sale, but we're not buying it. We're simply not having it, wheather the president and his "democratic" majority approve of it or not. At least, we won't buy into the beleif behind such legislation, though I regretfully must admit that the monetary and fiscal policy might see it passed and accepted anyway (in which case it will likely be a revolution; we haven't forgotten our roots! But sadly, given the distorted views of liberals and so-called conservatives, it just might run afoul of a civil war along the way).

But the Doom-and-Gloom of the Atmospheric Plunge, that great falling sky in the sky, waxes and wanes according to the needs of Chicken Little propagandists, of course. Currently, it's all about Iranian elections and how (by golly!) we never tried to spread democracy there before. The US meddle in the affrais of Islamic states? Why haven't we done this before?! Such a great idea! And then of course there is that hot/push-comes-shove-button issue of universal health care (some let slip, though, and add that word "reform" to the ending. Odd, that occasional slip).

Yes, when one push fails they try pushing somewhere else. We're waiting for push to come to shove. And shove they will, for neither the majority of citizens nor government officials truly understand what the root of the problem is. Well, ONE Congressman does, and he is gaining support in his proposal that we audit the central bank; the U.S.A is unofficially broke or worse, and that means all currencies are broke or worse. Just to admit that though, let alone DOING something about it, is destined by the rules alike of the human psyche and the great Mt. Olympus that is Capitol Hill to take at least some time yet. Until then it's going be an interesting ride, to say the least. Trust me... we ain't seen nothing yet!

So I figure that over there in England, that since your officials are so ****ed fine-happy, that there will come a day, perhaps sooner than anyone would care to think, that when paying a fine will somehow be construed as an attempt to bribe a public office (which would be a fineable offense, of course).

Not to finger-waggle, though. No, I save my finger for my own politicians thank-you-very-much. I'm just foretelling it as I see it. I can just see it happening and while it be comical to imagine that wretched state of affairs, the reality of it all makes it quite sobering indeed: Offensive fines and ban-able offenses everywhere, but neither a ban-able fine nor fineable ban in sight (my heart goes out to you, my good neighbors)!

Sigh... I don't know, England. In a lot of ways, though, I figure that since you're further along the road than we here in the 'states are that you will beat us to re-acheiving a liberty-based (and most of all SANE) society. It's TOO crazy over there to keep on going like it is! We have our problems here but I say it's worse in England. I laugh about a lot of what I read from other English bloggers, but then realize that it isn't funny because they're so bloody serious about it. That obsession with garbage and health and safety is just downright neurotic. Psychotic, even. So I wish you the best in that afore-mentioned endeavor.

Well, this is not a forum for ranting so I will end it here. I just saw the opportunity, and had to get that out to some who might understand what I mean.


*But this site, too, has helped. Superb work, those essays!