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Re: Guardian CiF

Poor George!
The biter bit?

I think it is actually his ego that is affected.
He has spent his formative years spouting his brand of dogma with never a word of reply heard that isn't carefully screened. Of course it is axiomatic that he would believe in a free blog and he probably believes also in a free internet and yet, as we know, a world without rules is not a happy place.

So here he is having expected to open his doors to the thoughts of his admiring fans and instead, his every utterance is picked apart within minutes he is faced with the concept that the world is full of morons and they can just as easily oppose him as support him.

His "journalistic" style is probably more vulnerable than most to such treatment.

What really galls him is that he was probably a vocal proponent of "freedom of the internet", anti censorship of any kind and the CiF was an extension of that belief.

Now he realises that a world without rules is not a happy place.

Most fora (forums?) rather than blogs, have a policy statement and require contributors to be registered and have a password and user name to log in. That way, if their behaviour offends they can not only see their posts removed but their access denied.
This is very effective in some of the forums I subscribe to and it is worth noting that the Telegraph has both blogs with CiF and columns with regsitered user comments only. I know which provides the more sensible dialogue.

The only problem I see is a potential tendency for George Moonbat to exercise his censorship skills with great reluctance at first but an increasing willingness accompanied by less and less impartiality until it becomes blatant censorship fo the worst kind - does he support the idea of "deniers" being prosecuted? it is a short step from this bit of nonsense to a full on Orwellian blogstate.