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New paper demonstrates low climate sensitivity to CO2

Greg also posted a link ( to this report which seems quite interesting but will take me a while to comprehend by myself but it is also found on the "Watts Up With That?" web site with discussion at

Of course, Lintzen is by now classed as a "denier"... so no doubt this bit of real science will be disregarded by our lords and masters.

Re: New paper demonstrates low climate sensitivity to CO2

This is probably a stupid comment but as far as I can understand the stuff about solar radiation warming the surface of the ocean they seem to be considering a flat, static ocean surface.

More on Porritt

Many people are likely to be pleased at the news that Jonathon Porritt has stood down after nine years as head of the Sustainable Development Commission quango. It sounds as though the taxpayer is no longer paying for Porritt's activities.

Unfortunately Porritt is still milking the taxpayer through his "Forum for the Future" charity. About £2 million income for that 'charity' per year is coming from government funding sources according to the "Fake Charities" website.