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Re: Cluster of 38 ......

In all probability, with their new use of Google Earth to discover swimming pools and conservatories, scenic views, river views, etc and levy a rates penalty, it would not surprise that instead of compensating those with Turbines in the back yard, they penalise those without.

It is really quite simple.
On the one hand the government or local authority will be paying out compensation while on the other hand they can be collecting in additional money.

Now, which do you suppose is the more probable outcome?

Re: Cluster of 38 ......

Erm, what abdominal cavity? As far as sound is concerned the body is largely a blob indistinguishable from water, in which it travels at about 1500 fps. Accordingly, a 7 Hz sound wave with a wavelength of about 230' isn't even going to notice.
I'm not at all sure that LF sound doesn't travel well in air - what about the low rumbles from distant thunder or gunfire? They seem to have travelled better than the higher frequencies.
Some people definitely do become sensitised to LF and it can cause great distress. James suggests compensation but that would be virtually impossible to effect, especially since peoples' reactions differ so widely and objective measurement is so difficult.
Did we have a knowledgeable, disinterested government to act as an honest broker it might be different, as anyone wishing to erect such monstrosities would have to demonstrate clearly that a) they were genuinely needed, b) they did what was claimed and c) the proposer accepted full legal responsibility for any adverse effects emerging later. That should put a stop to most of this builditquickandwalkaway nonsense.

Re: Cluster of 38 ......

The best way of understanding the structural dynamics of the human body is to split up into an assembly of mass-spring systems (rather than try to regard it as like a volume of water), as shown in Fig 1 of this link:

There is a pretty low natural frequency of only a few Hz associated with the 'thorax-abdomen' system, the abdomen mass is quite heavy and the interface between the abdomen and chest area above can be regarded as a weak spring.

Re: Cluster of 38 ......

The funny thing is that they never build windmills, power stations, incinerators or anything else near the houses of important people. It's good of important people to take up the most useless places to live in, I suppose.