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Re: Corby birth defect cluster

We seem to have been infected with quite a few of the worst traits from the US system and precious few of any of their good ideas.
Pretty soon we'll be able to sue over what our great grandparents did and have the taxpayer pay.
Whatever happened to the statute of limitations?
Now I'm not saying we should exempt everyone from responsibility in every situation after some years have elapsed but what i would like is a better approach to some common sense. Sadly the UK legal system is rather more about the letter of the law than the spirit of the law and badly written laws at that.
Yes, if you drive out of a hamburger store with your open coffee cup on the dash and suffer scalding after driving through a storm drain, the fault is the hamburger stores for supplying you with hot coffee.
Nonsense, of course, and even within this nonsense, more nonsesnical is that the hamburger place should rather be sued for selling their dreadful coffee as dirnkable in the firts place.

Re: Corby birth defect cluster, Straight Statistics
I thought I'd see what this much vaunted site would have to say about a number of issues.
They do discuss the Corny case and they address the new "Ham causes cancer" claim.