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CO2 important for plant growth

Don't know why more public/scholastic exposure isn't given to this very interesting experiment of the Idso's
Really amazing demo.

Re: CO2 important for plant growth

Permission denied on the URL, I assume a membership is required?

As for the publicity, it undermines the 'disastrous' impact of warming, therefore it must be wrong.

Re: CO2 important for plant growth

Sorry about tht. The URL is long and it doesn't seem to come out on the message board. I don't know how to do a link. Here's the URL split into two bits:


I guess you'll just have to join them up

Re: CO2 important for plant growth

Here's a working link. (I hope.)


Re: CO2 important for plant growth

Works great. Thanks. How do you do that?

Re: CO2 important for plant growth

You use an HTML anchor code. For example:
<a href="url">name</a>

You place the url in the quotes and what you want people to see in the name field. For your link, I did the following:

<a href="">link</a>


Re: CO2 important for plant growth

But we are going to get very, very hot if the UK Department of Energy and Climate Change are right:

They forecast an increase in temperature of 100C by 2080. Is this a record?

P.S. what is 'water stress' - is that something they do at Guantanamo Bay?

Re: CO2 important for plant growth

No, it's a misprint, which gives us some idea of their slovenly attitude to checking before publication.

Water stress is what plants suffer when they can't draw enough water through their roots to evaporate from their leaves to cool them down. What they do at Guantanamo Bay is torture.

Re: CO2 important for plant growth

torture -- as defined by recent definitions is anything that makes you uncomfortable.

Make a person listen to Hillary Clinton speeches for days on end ... Torture.
Make a person think that they will be water boarded -- Torture.

We will lump these offenses in with other forms of torture that will leave the person dead.

I do not wish to condone torture. One should recognize the differences in style. Demonizing those who are striving to protect can be counter productive.

Re: CO2 important for plant growth

The DECC press release has been modified now, the '100 C' has been changed to '10 degrees C' but the 4th Sept date on the press release has been kept.

There are some other numbers in it that look dubious, the West Midlands' "low carbon sector accounts for some £8.4 billion of the region’s economy, comprising 4,179 companies with around 74,000 employees". I think this an example of the loose definition of a 'low carbon job' pointed out by the Times a couple of months ago.

Re: CO2 important for plant growth

It's off-topic really, but if what they did at Guantanamo Bay wasn't torture they wouldn't have bothered doing it. One might as well face that fact that waterboarding, for instance, is torture. You'd certainly think it was if it were done to you. But, as George Orwell said "People sleep peaceably in their beds at night only because rough men stand ready to do violence on their behalf." I sometimes wish I could be as certain about right and wrong as many people are.

Re: CO2 important for plant growth


(Still off topic)
I don't think you'd want to be as certain of right and wrong as some people.

I suspect it's only those who see everything in black and white that are capable of this. And this sort of thinking is often associated with personality disorders / problems.....

Re: CO2 important for plant growth [Is that not blindingly obvious]

Very much on topic.

That the public mind should need this demonstrated, proves conclusively that the 'Dumbing Down' process has been a success!