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Re: Climate is changing (again!) [The time to get worried is when it don't]

Not me, I'm a conscientious objector in this war but I wouldn't disagree in principle that some form of religious war is being waged since it is being based on belief not science.
The question is, who is it directed against?
If it is waged with vigour then it may well be that the third world countries are the victims but I rather suspect that the third world find its culture better able to survive than the first world.
This is, because of the huge costs, a war which will largely destroy the cultures that support it; the US and Europe.
The first victim of war is truth. How true... (oops!)
I at times suspect that the self destruction the AGW policies will cause is intended and that combating climate change is merely a means to an end and that the destruction of western civilisation is the real objective. Maybe not with those who started it all off but with those who have opportunistically claimed on the bandwagon and taken control.

Re: Climate is changing (again!) [The time to get worried is when it don't]

JMW, in principle I do agree with your comments, but as you raise other important issues, allied to, but not of immediate concern to JamesT's post, I would prefer to cover them in a new post which I have been busy researching.

In the meantime, I would make these points:- The very use of the term 'Global' Warming speaks volumes. AGW is directed against the whole World. It is exploited by all our politicians. They pursue the policies which seek to put India and China in a 'dog house' of the West's making. They make demons of the East as though they were the Enemy: is this not the tactics of War, is this not the makings of a third World War? The AGW hoi poloi would be nowhere without Their support.

It Is waged with vigour where they think they can get away with it: the defenceless, impoverished, third world. This is an act of War.

Manifestly, it is the politicians of the West, hiding behind, and exploiting the UN, (which itself is a western inspired organisation), who are using the Green Dupes for their own ends. Politicians are not that stupid. Do they all genuinely believe in AGW? Clearly, it is their hidden agenda which we must address.

Re: Climate is changing (again!) [The time to get worried is when it don't]

This is a good link:

I expect AGW to retreat to those who stand to make money or a career out of it (some scientists, some manufacturers, some charities) and a hardcore of True Believers. The danger, as Dr. Kiminori Itoh says, is that the public may come to disbelieve science in general. The upside is that we might start to address real problems rather than illusory ones.