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Obama Wins

Everyone must be running in circle's cheer the new peace laureate. Such majestic skills in orchestrating peace.

Now he and Gore can share the secret handshake and tales of how they saved the world.

What a beautiful sight.

Re: Obama Wins (What?)


Wins? Wince more likely, when at the same time (From Mark Alexander's Patriot Post) we hear:-

"Meanwhile, Obama's "Safe School Czar" Kevin Jennings -- the one we reported last week failed to disclose a 15-year-old boy's homosexual relationship with an adult male -- complained this week that "kids are being aggressively recruited to become heterosexual in this country." And to reiterate, he's in charge of making schools "safe."

Does the fawning of our politicians never stop? This week in the UK, the education spokesman for the Conservative Party, whilst complaining about the massive bureaucratic meddling in our schools, twice cited the American school system as being free of this 'dumbing down' process! Fawning, too much Ritalin, or just a twerp?

Obama's AGW programme, is now so aggressive, that we are entitled to infer that the 'Peace Prize' is a front for supporting all out AW (Anthropogenic War)!


Re: Obama Wins

I thought that Al Gore was the ultimate debasement of a once "Nobel" coin. Now this.

See John 11:35

Richard Stephen

Re: Obama Wins

I'm trying to think of a place where Obama has made peace. He hasn't really done anything yet. I think he just got the Prize for being Not-Bush, which is something admittedly. Obama seems a nice young man but really he is only a speechmaker.

Re: Obama Wins

Frank Upton
I'm trying to think of a place where Obama has made peace. He hasn't really done anything yet.

I believe the deadline for Nobel nominations was on February 1st.

Obama was sworn into office on Jan 20th.

Apparently, the prize was for something done in his first week in office!!

Re: Obama Wins (Or do the Norwegians)

I have been mystified for some time about the motives for granting Gore, and now Obama, a Nobel Prize. Most commentators put it down to the leftist leanings of Norwegian politicians, but is this true? I don't think so, I think that it could be instructive to apply a very different slant:-

Norway has a population of only 5 million, yet with Norsk Hydro it has a 'clean' electricity generating capacity of around 210 TWh, of which they consume 125 TWh, leaving 85 TWh which we can assume they export for the best price they can get. In addition they have their Oil and Gas potential, so Norway, per capita is likely the most energy rich country in the World.

Now AGW proponents are h***bent on destroying the Coal Industry, and forcing the West into adopting renewable energy forms, thereby inevitably increasing the cost of energy, especially electricity.

So by supporting Gore and Obama, (who have considerable influence in the West), the Norwegians improve their energy market prospects significantly. --- If you were sitting pretty in their shoes, what would you do? I think the Nobel could be used as a 'Nobble'ing excercise.


Re: Obama Wins

This reminds me of the six steps of a project:

1 - Enthusiasm
2 - Disillusionment
3 - Panic
4 - Search for the Guilty
5 - Punishment of the Innocent
6 - Praise and Glory for the Nonparticipants

It looks like the Norwegian Nobel Committee has reached step six.


Re: Obama Wins

Well, he sure got the hat. But as they say in Taxas, "All hat, no cattle."