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Professor Kevin Anderson on Jeremy Vine, Radio 2,

The Professor,who is Director of the Tyndall Centre, was on the JV show at 1.09pm yesterday(Wednesday).
His task in the previous week had been to convince two sceptical listeners of the reality of anthropic climate change.He failed.
An example he gave that very much impressed Jeremy was the "differences,significant differences in ground temperatures" observed as consequence of the suspension of flying in the USA in the days after 9/11.
No mention was made of the fact that this effect,assuming that it had occurred,had no connection with CO2 but arose presumably as a result of the absence of con trails.
The original research was done at Wisconsin Univ. and seemingly showed day-time temperatures to be a lttle up and night-time temperatures to be a little down.What the net effect over the period was they said was unclear.
Very recent research by Leeds University and our Met Office has looked at this issue again and concluded that the whole thing is explained by some statistical quirk in the data(A view which has been backed up by research by a Dr Hong in the States)
I would have expected Professor Anderson to have known this? A very odd example to use if you are trying to convince someone of the reality of ACC? Pity there was n't a sceptical scientist present.

Re: Professor Kevin Anderson on Jeremy Vine, Radio 2,

It's the almost complete absence of sceptical scientists on the BBC, that gives the lie to the BBC's claim to impartiality. Often 'debates' take place on programmes like Newsnight, where the anti AWG point of view is not represented and the subject is an argument on how to best tackle the problem.