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Re: Ofcom to investigate government’s ‘dodgy’ climate adverts

Now, whipped up by the sceptics, nearly six hundred people have complained about it in a bid to get it banned.

Don’t let the sceptics silence us

We need to show that the climate change sceptics are a tiny, if vocal, minority and that action to make the public aware of climate change has real public support.

Don’t let the sceptics silence us

It is a bit awkward for him to try and present himself and his movement as victims of more powerful interests which are working against the common man. However, modern left wing environmentalism did seem to emerge from the '60s counter culture movement, whose members liked to cultivate the image of being anti-establishment figures.

In the forty years since, it does not seem to have struck them that they are the establishment now, and they have not managed to move much beyond their now inappropriate "speaking truth to power" style of rhetoric.

Milliband is of course too young to have ever been involved with the '60s counter culture, but his father was a communist intellectual and he has been involved with labour politics in the post-'60s period his whole life, so the influence is obvious. He does not seem to appreciate the absurdity of such a style being adopted by a government minister.

Ironically, it is conceded by the warmers within academic circles that the public are mostly sceptical of anthropogenic climate change--hence the need for the advert in the first place.

How would Milliband justify his concern over the advert with his pronouncement that climate sceptics are a tiny minority? After all, why go through the expense of producing the advert just to persuade, extremely patronisingly, a tiny minority that they are wrong?