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Re: An early Christmas present?

Somehow the emails didn't seem that convincing but then, we've never had sight of any "private" emails from these guys before.
Down in the comments some one quotes the link to the Russian website where the file is said to be found but the link is dead... ??

Someone else commented on the Hitler diaries... the outcome of the forged Hitler diaries was bad news for those who were sucked in. This is just the sort of ploy to draw in some skeptics and destroy their credibility.

Now for real data that should be public there is a wiki web site ( that publishes this sort of stuff so why wasn't it put there?
The Russian web site might be a bit of misdirection too far - if this is a hoax.

Is it a hoax? well, over at the Blackboard they discuss this.

and in the posts there we find one that purports to come from STeve Mc Intyre:
Steve McIntyre (Comment#23773) November 19th, 2009 at 6:08 pm

I’m having trouble getting into CA right now.

I made up a pdf of the emails to help browse through them and it’s over 2000 pages. Every email that I’ve examined so far looks genuine. There are a few emails of mine that are 100% genuine.

It is really quite breathtaking.

So, is it or isn't it?
The amount of material is no guarantee of authenticity. The comments made in this thread are valid - if you can get a dump of real correspondence and files you then only have to "salt" them with only a few spurious files.
Then again I believe some one went to a lot of trouble to fake the entire Hitler diaries but not enough trouble to use aged paper and the right inks etc.

Re: An early Christmas present?

Demand for the original file is bound to be so enormous that all hosts will be strained. The BBC has just reported the story - or rather unreported it.

If the more explosive material that I have seen is genuine, this will absolutely shoot down the credibility of global warming. It could literally be all over this time next week.

Re: An early Christmas present?

Just when they had the providential Cumbrian floods to lay claim to as global warming evidence.... (Maybe, a la State of Fear, they seeded the clouds over Cumbria?)

Re: An early Christmas present?

James, not just the source but references to it are also not accessible.
I tired a search for one of the folders either to find it or comments on it and many of the first page links are impossible to access.
Perhaps this is the "cyberwar" we are hearing about?

Re: An early Christmas present?

No cyberwar, it's just that the handful of servers hosting the file only have so much bandwidth to go around, and they are probably getting tens of thousands of requests a minute. Of course the more people who start hosting it, the less easy it would get for the authorities to stomp on it, and it will become exponentially easier to get hold of. Wait a couple of days.

That said, the BBC article suggests that the CRU did get the original host to pull the files.

As with most leaks of information the authorities would rather remained private (e.g. Trafigura), it is increasingly difficult to stop in practice. By now, there is no point in their even trying.

Re: An early Christmas present?

A viable link at:
Downloading but not opening till I virus scan it.

Re: An early Christmas present?

According to the Christopher Booker page on the Daily Telegraph, Number watch is a site he watches.
I hope he is reading this and will comment in the Telegraph.
Could be interesting.

Re: An early Christmas present?

Success downloading from:
(I may have had success from the bitstream souurce but not sure till i figure out how that works)

Re: An early Christmas present?

The University of East Anglia Climate Research Unit

is distinct from the Hadley Centre, which is in Exeter, the opposite side of the country from East Anglia

There is now a story up at the BBC concerning the former place:

but nothing about Hadley.

I'm not sure I like this. It speaks of sloppiness along the line somewhere. Perhaps just an inncocent mistake.

Re: An early Christmas present?

How quickly things can move.... there is now a searchable data base of the emails on line at: