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Re: Data correction in New Zealand.

you are right.
I think my mind was going at that point - too many blogs, too many trolls to trash, too many revelations....
I'll have to see if I can make sense of what I have said and amend it.

Re: Data correction in New Zealand.

Then: The Copenhagen Explanation is the first comprehensive statement of quantum mechanics and marks the end of classical physics.

Now: The Copenhagen Conference seeks to make the first comprehensive statement of a new world religion and mark the end of experimental science.

Re: Data correction in New Zealand.


Could be, the Danes have never forgiven us for Nelson's epic battle. Pay back time? After two century's? --- Armed neutrality can have many guises.


Re: Data correction in New Zealand.

"It's much simpler to delete all your observations and only keep the codged version that supports your theory.."

There are a few people who suspect CRU haven't actually thrown the data away, an example being this blogger:

When I first heard the story a couple of months ago about the CRU throwing data away in the 1980s I had some doubts. There was a fashion in UK companies (and this might have applied to universities as well) in the 1980s to reduce clutter in offices and get rid of all the piles of paper documents by storing them in more compact microfilm or microfiche form.