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Re: ETS legislation in Australia under challenge

Very Interesting and I followed this in other blogs when the dissent first started.

What is even more interesting is David Davis in he Telegraph today.
As a former leadership contender and in an opposition party in the UK, I wonder if we might see a similar challenge evolve here?
The Tories are not doing as well as they might. Indeed, they are doing disastrously when one considers that this next election ought to be like shooting fish in a barrel, and maybe this is the time when Cameron is at risk from his own party. There is time enough (unless Labour calls a snap election to exploit a perceived weakness... but GB has missed these sorts of opportunities before).

The thing is, Cameron has forgotten what a democracy is all about, and though this is not unusual with any politician in any country once elections are past or in the far off future, it is unusual in one when elections are looming.

We elect politicians to represent us and our views and delegate to them the power to legislate on our behalf. We don't invite them to think for us or tell us how to think or make decisions of heir own. We have politicians because the rest of us have lives to get on with.
The party system means we elect the bunch that most closely follows our own thinking. But on two of the most important issues in the last century or several centuries if you prefer, Europe and the Climate, there is nothing to choose between the parties, That might be fine if the parties were pursuing policies the electorate want. However, the pollies are actively pursuing policies they know are counter to the wishes of the people and the Science Museum poll is just one piece of this evidence - 2650 for in and 7612 for out - a wider margin than I would have expected - and the politicians are quite aware of this.

I'm afraid we have a situation where the pollies think they can do this "in our best interests" but I rather think they are no more qualified to determine what is in my best interests than they are and they are not elected to act in what they think are our best interests but in accordance with our wishes.

See JMANON at: Dec 2nd, 2009 at 1:15 am on

So this may be the time to hope there will be a change in the Tory party leadership and a new stance on both Europe and Climate.

Re: ETS legislation in Australia under challenge

Couple of interesting points to note. Tony Abbott has concentrated on the huge tax implications of this legislation rather than the science behind AGW although this is probably more for political expediency than an explanation of his true position (previously he described AGW as "crap"). The legislation is due to be reintroduced to parliament in February 2010 and it is possible that any rejection at that stage could trigger an early election which would be fought around this very subject. Result could be interesting.

The vote to elect Mr Abbott was very close 42-41. I am aware that the Numberwatch site is followed by several members of the Liberal Party (my own MP included) and I cant help thinking that JB's influence is beginning to extend beyond the bounds of us dedicated readers. Long may it continue...

Re: ETS legislation in Australia under challenge

Essential viewing:

(contains rude words)