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Re: Hide The Decline

Here's my take on "Hide the Decline"

* We are told that the tree ring data is a good proxy for temperature
* But the proxy data post 1960 has a trend opposite to temperature records, so much so that the “climate scientists” discard them.
* By doing so they have just falsified their own claim that tree ring data = good proxy for temperature.
* Consequently, all pre-1960 proxy data can be discounted.

Voila - Hockey Stick busted.


Re: Hide The Decline

This is pretty much what Christopher Monkton says in his summary of the Green debacle:
A very good read.

Re: Hide The Decline

Monckton's paper is good and comprehensive if guilty of some of the hyperbole we find so distasteful in the AGW crowd (I guess vindication can do that to you), but he really spoils it by talking about world government nonsense on page 1. As a result, I'd be embarrased to distribute it to a number of people I know who could otherwise profit from reading it. There is a genuine conspiracy going on, and the way to expose it is not to out yourself as a whackjob conspiracy theorist.