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Re: The absence of laughter?

I detect a causality here.
In an earlier article it was claimed that global warming is responsible for an increase in prostitution in the Philippines.
Now we have prostitutes offering freebies for anyone who can produce their warning postcard (I bet they're into their third or fourth reprint by now).
So, are these two stories linked? and as the temperature climbs we will find ourselves knee deep in prostitutes who are so desperate for business they resort to publicity stunts like this.

On the other hand, might it be prostitution that is causing global warming?
I mean, there is a strong correlation between the number of "value added" prostitutes and the "value added" temperature record and I understand that the number of prostitutes on the street on a cold night is always less than on a warm night). However, the number of prostitutes always drops after the temperature drops and not before and by applying the CO2 law of inverse or counter intuitive correlations, the causality is definitely that prostitution causes warming.

Re: The absence of laughter?

Suffering a sense of humour failure is Michael Schlesinger:

Re: The absence of laughter?

In Milan Kundera's book 'The Joke', the title apparently refers to an innocent joke made by the narrator, which is punished by many years' internal exile in Communist Czechoslovakia. Really, 'The Joke' refers to Communism itself. Powerful, oppressive and murderous as it was, Kundera sees Communism as a colossal, cruel practical joke played by a small elite on the rest of mankind. Eventually, people saw that this joke wasn't funny.

It's the same with the Global Warming tyranny.