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James Randi

Randi takes a position of neutrality on AGW and is attacked by his friends.

I was disappointed when Randi took the other position after having watched "An Inconvenient Truth".

It appears he has made his own decision anyway.

Re: James Randi

This new fence-sitting position by Randi is quite surprising. He must have been affected by 'Climategate'.

I thought he was pretty firmly stuck in the pro-AGW camp for financial reasons if nothing else. His organisation, the James Randi Educational Foundation (JREF), gets a lot of its income from holding conferences. It holds something every year called the Amazing Meeting, of which the last one attracted over a 1000 delegates paying $300 a time, and there is also some sort of annual conference on a cruise liner. A lot of the participants at these conferences are, as I understand it, nerdy badscience zealots with a left-liberal worldview, the type of people who believe that public sector science is as pure as the driven snow. So even by taking up a neutral position, Randi could be irritating a lot of the people who turn up at his JREF conferences.

Re: James Randi

There were quite a few discussions about his "abandonment" of reason.

I suspect, however, that at 80+, the Amazing Randi is not worried about the opinions of his donors so much as being consistent with himself.