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If you develop cancer you won't get Alzheimer's

I hear, among the other jolly news in this best of all possible worlds, that some American researchers have discovered that those with Alzheimer's Dementia are less likely to develop cancer, while those suffering cancer are less likely to suffer from Alzheimer's.
Now to be fair, we are unlikely to get a full description of the study in a 30-second news slot, but it did set me wondering. Our Guru has pointed out several times that cancers are largely diseases of old age, and so is Alzheimer's. So my immediate thought was, with what population has the estimate of "less likely" been compared? I have a strong suspicion that in this case the statistics are the crucial point and it might well turn out that cancer is killing people before they can develop Alzheimer's and vice versa.

After all that, I wish all viewers a very Merry Christmas and happy, healthy and Prosperous New Year.