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Re: Happy new year...

Well, calendar's are a problem aren't they?
And especially with regard to the church.
Maybe John Dee should have been successful with 77deg ("God's") longitude and his revised calendar and then we'd have some simplification....
I guess we'd have more luck introducing a decimal calendar or Mayan than John Dee's.
Good info here:

But, a Happy New year to all.

Re: Happy new year...

And from me as well.
Don't drink too much ;-) and see you back in twenty-ten.

BTW is this the end of the decade, or do we still have a year of the current decade left? I reckon that, as decades - unlike centuries - are not referenced to the year dot, this is the end of the decade. For example, someone who was born in 1960 wasn't born in the '50s, but the '60s. But others disagree with me.

Re: Happy new year...

Happy New to you all, especially JEB and thanks to him for soldiering on with pithy & erudite observations which are a constant delight.


Re: Happy new year...

Rather more to the point, a healthy New year to all. If there's one thing 2009 (during which far too many of my relatives and friends fell off the perch) taught me it is, that if you have good health, wealth and happiness may well follow, but if you haven't, they won't.
Anent calendars, Charles Fort pointed out that you measure a circle starting anywhere, so any date/time you like is the start/end/midpoint of a decade and therefore it's perfectly legit to talk about the 60s, 80s or what have you. However, if you are talking about the Christian era, that started counting at 1, not 0, so this is the start of the last year of the first decade of the twenty-first century (or would have been if Little Dennis had got it right). This, however, only deeply concerns accountants and those suffering from acute pedantry.
My best wishes to all.

Re: Happy new year...

Suffering from acute pedantry? Surely that's what this place is about, innit? The date is surely the ultimate example of a wrong number!

Re: Happy new year...

Very droll. :o)