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This forum is about wrong numbers in science, politics and the media. It respects good science and good English.

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The Inability of the "left" to see the "right"

While I agree that if you start explaining to people, you have lost the argument, there is a very real number that they completely ignore.


The number of pages in the healthcare bill (the last count I heard).

having read a very small number of pages of one version, all I can say is that this document will not make health care better for americans. You will need a lawyer in order to apply for your healthcare. Anyone will be able to get healthcare, but you better make sure you apply under the right section. In order to do that, the lawyers will be involved.

To read the document you have to have several documents with you, because sections modify other sections of other laws. It reads like the spaghetti code that I first learned to write in 7th grade.

Re: The Inability of the "left" to see the "right"

That was a good one Brad!
Every time I hear Al Gore talking, I wonder where he he gets his numbers from. I think he pulls them out of the air; the globally warmed air.

I live in the USA. Both political parties seem to be crazy. They always want more control over our lives. Always raising taxes. Employers have to provide health insurance as one of their benefits. I think it was mandated by the government. I would rather provide for myself! Why don't they don't provide insurance for my car? I would think that would be more important to an employer; making sure I can get to work each day.

Oh well, back to reading NumberWatch.