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Re: Bill Nye The Science Guy

To me, the quintessential "science guy" is Don Herbert. I grew up watching his Mister Wizard on TV.

In contrast, Bill Nye always seemed full of himself. He taught science in the rather arrogant style he now holds when discussing global warming skeptics.

I remember a TV series on PBS during the mid-sixties. I looked it up. The show was called “Experiment,” and Don Herbert hosted it. One show, “Weather By Numbers,” discussed the hopes and problems with predicting weather using computer models.

He demonstrated a computer run based on a northern hemisphere grid work of weather measurements. He also compared the computer run to actual weather. The computer run started out close to the actual weather, but then rapidly diverged.

Today we know that it’s the chaotic nature of weather that makes it hard to duplicate weather on a computer. Don Herbert’s final comment lamented that if only we had sufficient funding it may be possible to create accurate weather prediction programs. The climate guys figured out how to get the funding.