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Number of the month suggestion

This is the date the Himalayan Glaciers were supposed to have all melted by.
It is also the daate that features in a new Times article which says that by 2035 Heathrow will be a huge reservoir and most of the population will have moved north.
I don't know what John Beddington, the governement's advisor, has been smoking but it certainly has loosened all his inhibitions.
Is he expecting the report to be taken seriously or is he taking the mickey?

Re: Number of the month suggestion

Just been reading the comments below this story on the Times website.

Hmmmmm, looks like everyone is turning into a skeptic now. Frankly no one believes this rubbish anymore. I really hope this particular gravy train goes no further, we simply can't afford these twits nowadays.

Who are these 300 scientists, economists and planners, these so called experts? I demand to know. If they really have put their name to this tripe they need to be investigated, named and if necessary shamed, and a huge question mark placed over any future funding they might apply for.

Re: Number of the month suggestion

Can't have much to do in his office.

Perhaps it would be better if he started to predict earthquakes around the active continental plates.

It seems to me these are causing much more in the way of human deaths, injuries and destruction of cites, towns, villages than man-made climate change. And they are happening now - not 25 years ahead.

Re: Number of the month suggestion

I'm glad to see our bending author back at the wheel again and I am pleased to see that I correctly anticipated his choice of "number of the month" as Februaries is, indeed, 2035.