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Re: Plotting Temperature

Actually I am referring to the standard deviation of temperatures observed.

In any given day the temperature can range by 30F or more. (

If we plot the standard deviation of the temperatures we get an indication of the magnitude of the change. Adding the error information to the plot would also be useful.

I have the same problem with "Mean tide" data. They will show us what the "mean tide" is doing (increasing at a rather slow rate) but fail to show us what High and low tide are doing.

Re: Plotting Temperature


In any given day the temperature can range by 30F or more.

Actually Brad, go out in the Nevada desert sometime, or even Death Valley. The temperature can vary by > 100ºF, from well below freezing to over 120ºF.


Re: Plotting Temperature

You just made my point all the more clear.

That also is an example of CO2 being such a wonder heat retainer...

Overcast skies in the desert, sort of warm.

Clear skies -- Get ready to freeze.

Re: Plotting Temperature

Another example of CO2 (not) being a wonder energy container.

In the Nevada & Arizona deserts there are many outcrops of rock.

Want to get cool? get in the shade.

It's often sub zero, even late afternoon.

In winter when some places never come out of shade, there are frozen rock pools that never melt, even though the temperature out of the shade is above 100ºF


Re: Plotting Temperature

Oh, I see what you're talking about Brad. Temperature anomaly graphs which take account of the diurnal range are even rarer than the ones with the uncertainty range estimates included. There are some graphs of global maximum temperature and minimum temperature from 1950 to the early 1990s in this 1997 paper which is available free to view on this link:


If you look at Fig 1 of the paper you'll see why climate scientists prefer not to plot this sort of graph - the temperature rise per decade for the maximum temperature is half the rate of the rise of minimum temperature, suggesting that two thirds of global warming is occurring at night. If they plot mean temperature this detail is hidden.

I might as well include this link as well, criticism of the above paper by AGW sceptic Warwick Hughes:


Re: Plotting Temperature

Even those don't show the absolute range of values. They seem to be focussed on just the low temp, high temps, average temps.

I would want to plot all of them on 1 chart. The mid line being the average. The upper line the average of the high temps and the lower the average of the low temps.

The only reason I think this chart is necessary is to get the idea of the forest back into the researchers heads.

The ability of scientist to focus on the 7th digit is admirable at some level. Recognizing that the 1 and 2nd digit don't care is much more important.