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Re: Lord Oxburgh

I don't see any connection to Big Oil--no conflict of interest there.
/sarcasm off


Re: Lord Oxburgh

The Register IT online news website has found another Green interest that Oxburgh has which hasn't been declared. Oxburgh turns out to also be a director of an organisation called GLOBE, the Global Legislators Organisation for a Balanced Environment.


There's also a link between GLOBE and the MP expenses scandal. Two of the MPs facing criminal charges over the expenses scandal, Elliott Morley and David Chaytor, hold positions with GLOBE, Morley as the worldwide secretary and Chaytor the British branch secretary.

Re: Lord Oxburgh

I thought I'd update this thread to point out that the review by Oxburgh's panel has now finished, and it concludes as might be anticipated that there has been no scientific malpractice by CRU.


So that only took about three weeks in total from the announcement of the chairman. You'd think they might have spun the review out to last at least a couple of months just to make it look as though some serious deliberation was going on. But I suppose Oxburgh needs to get back to running his Green business interests.

CRU seem to have been given a slight rap over the knuckles for not appearing to employ or work with professional statisticians, but this isn't interpreted as malpractice.