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Green Transport

According to the Green Party manifesto they propose closing all nuclear and coal fired power stations and redeploying £30 billion from road spending to public transport. Where is the electricity to run all these new trains going to come from bless them?

Re: Green Transport

Wind and Solar of course. They are going to put big props on the trains to harness all the wind that goes by as the train is traveling at speed.

entire train will be covered in PV cells for those days when the wind isn't blowing and the train is not moving.


Re: Green Transport

I remember there was a news story back in 2007 where an environmental journalist called Rob Edwards discovered to his horror that the Eurostar train system was predominantly running on nuclear-generated electricity, not just in France but also in England because the electricity supply contract was with British Energy until 2014.


For those who haven't heard of Rob Edwards, he is one of the UK's top anti-nuclear activists and is also environment editor for the Scottish newspaper the Sunday Herald.