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Re: Number of the month suggestions 306, 57 or 363

But how best to organise this? I'm ready to help.

Re: Number of the month suggestions 306, 57 or 363

"But how best to organise this? I'm ready to help."

If there was an opportunity to nominate the Climate Change Act for repeal in the future, I'm pretty confident that the British AGW sceptic blogosphere would be sufficiently on the ball to notice it and publicise it. They have had a reasonably good track record in publicising various AGW-related petitions in the last couple of years.

I remember in the early 00s, Radio 4's Today programme listeners were aked to vote for which current private members bill they most wanted to become law, and to the embarrasment of Radio 4 the favourite bill was one allowing householders greater rights in defending themselves against burglars, inspired by the Tony Martin case from about ten years ago. So I would imagine Clegg is fully aware that some polically correct law could be nominated for repeal, and might carefully go about setting whatever the rules are to avoid this situation.

When it comes to encouraging tactical voting against the main parties or against specific Green-leaning MPs in the main parties, I'm less confident that the British AGW sceptic blogosphere would deliver on that. There aren't enough James Delingpole-type AGW sceptic bloggers about. The problem with a lot of AGW sceptics is they think they can defeat AGW by debunking the science and not really get involved in the politics. The Spiked website once described this as being like a 'Scooby Doo' approach. The idea is that all you need to do is prove that AGW is a hoax, or maybe a much milder version of a hoax like a quality assurance problem (the two major AGW sceptic blogs, WUWT and Climate Audit, try to treat it as a QA problem), and it will all go away. The problem is that it could take years to debunk it to the point where even politicians wanted to abandon it. Even if AGW disappeared the Green lobby would still promote a big transition to renewable energy by reviving the 'peak oil' issue.

Re: Number of the month suggestions 306, 57 or 363

The fact is that despite the heavy drubbing AGW has taken and especially since the Climategate emails, we have the absurd situation that the EU is proposing dramatic increases in the levels of CO to be removed from the atmosphere.
It will take some concerted, focused action to get sense into our politicians and the only way to that is through the ballot box.
Sadly the current UK prime minister has set about, as his number one priority, making **** sure it will take a military coup to dislodge him.
So if we want to see an end to climate change legislation we need to find some suitably disgruntled military types, fed up with seeing their lads blown up and shot because they don't have adequate equipment and who are prepared to do a "Four Colonels" number on our "elected" government.

Website for nominating laws for repeal now set up

I thought I'd update this thread to point out that the arrangements for how the public can nominate laws for repeal has now been set up. It is, as might be expected, done through a website.

The Register has an amusing article about early activity at the website, describing it as a 'lunatic magnet'.


The Register also speculates that the site is replacing the government e-petitions website. It doesn't surprise me at all that the Lib Dems would want to get rid of the e-petitions website, the British hoi polloi just weren't 'progressive' enough in which petitions they decided to lend their support to.