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The Reith Lecture 2010

Has anyone else listened to Lord Rees Master of Trinity Cambridge and President of the Royal Society, giving the Reith Lecture? He's introduced as a scientific magician (They don't explain that soubriquet and I don't know what it means). Some magician! Smoke and mirrors abound; logic is twisted and contorted, contradictions abound. Listening to him, it's no wonder that non scientifically trained members of the public are confused by the public face of science. What is one to make of a man who tells his audiance that they should put their trust in established scientists rather than a few bloggers, thus discounting the possibility that authentic scientists could write blogs. He ties himself up in knots defending established science but conceding that majority concensus is not necessarily correct and flatly contradicts his assertions over the precuationary principle, first with respect to the dangers of money wasted on the NMR scare, second on the necessity of expending resources mitigating AWG.

The man seems to have no human understanding at all.

Re: The Reith Lecture 2010

Be fair, Dr Rees (I don't acknowledge Life "Peers" - only hereditaries) is a radio astronomer and therefore is hardly likely to be familiar with this planet.