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Beetroot is good for you

Todays Daily Mail has a splash health column about how beetroot has been shown to be very good for you: Quote..The bright-red juice contains the chemical nitrate, which dramatically reduces blood pressure, cutting the risk of heart disease and strokes.
Read more:
Now little ole me is confused. Not long ago we were assured that nitrates used as food preservative would kill you as sure as eggs is eggs. To this list was added one of my favourites: red salt beef. Having given up salt beef I now find that I might have been missing out on something that isreally good for the heart and strokes. I'm positive there's a very good answer to this paradox but I'm darned if I can figure it out.

Re: Beetroot is good for you

(sings) I'll beetroot to you - always...

I am shocked to find that any contributor to this blog should read the Daily Wail.

Re: Beetroot is good for you

Sorry about that Upton but I found the Mail in the barber's and read it while waiting my turn. As you say it wasn't edifying but there ain't any that are to be sure. Only take a newspaper for the sport and that's not too good at the mo. either.

Re: Beetroot is good for you

There is always a good for you bad for you food item story in the papers every week. I think beetroot is not alone, there was something about chocolate wasn't there?
(PS I think the beetroot story did appear in other papers)
But the story of the week has to be that re0-usable shopping bags are bad for us:
I really don't know how mankind managed until the advent of the disposable supermarket bag.

Oh, yes, the dangerous germs that live on soap dispensers....... now what is that all about? You are about to wash your hands. You get a few germs on the hands you are about to wash and..????