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Bigger Fleas

There (has been) a fake BBC website, discovered by the BBC itself, which has been scamming people into purchacing miracle weight loss Chinese tea!

Oh the surprise and outrage on 'You and Yours'!

Then there's a real BBC website scamming people into believing something called AWG that needs to be counteracted by carbon reduction and the need for atmospheric weight loss!

And bigger fleas have smaller fleas
Upon their backs to bitem
And smaller fleas have smaller fleas
And so ad infinitum.

Re: Bigger Fleas

In the world of business NIH (Not Invented Here) is a powerful force which prevents businesses from prospering as much as they should.
Inventors emerrge from their sheds with their world saving ideas only to be met with apathetic shugs from the Business world which then, once the inventor is safely back in his garden shed, spends a great deal more money on getting round the patent to produce their own solution rather than pay a small royalty.

On the other hand, it is not all bad news. The inventor of the workmate, that folding workbench, took his idea to Black & Decker, the power tool make, reckoning correctly that they might like to diversify. They did. So good was the design that copies started to appear.
B&D were robust in defending their product and closed down makers of inferior copies and bought out manufacturers of good but cheaper copies. (Excuse me, I am working from a very fallible memory so I think it is this product this story relates to. It doesn't really matter which product or company, the point is the same).
So the Beeb has two paths.
It can try and shut down this site or it can take it over.
Given the state of affairs at the Beeb, your guess is as good as mine as to which it will be.