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Re: Whitewash

Pardon my ignorance. But what I understand as whitewash is lime, isn't it? Won't this, overtime, leach and harm plants and biota? I might be wrong, but lime on top of a mountain flowing down on rivers and entering the watershed might, just might, alter the pH?

Re: Whitewash

It depends on the soil type, but many soils are rather too acid for many plants, so raising the pH will be good news for some on acid soils, but bad news for, e.g. Ericacaea (heathers) which prefer acid soils. Normally, for agricultural purposes, high base status (alkaline) soils are better.

Re: Whitewash

Whitewash can be either a noun or a verb.

The substance used need not be lime,it could be a flour based mixture.

Re: Whitewash

I prefer the contra-indicated solution of tar and feathers but one supposes in this day and age it should have to be bio-tar with added whitening effect and biodegradable artificial feathers.
I have already made some progress developing a safe alternative from treacle but I still use feathers as there is a surplus of chicken feathers from the food industry.
I do need to run some 'elf and safety trials and because of the criticism from many about small numbers clusters etc. I think the trials will need to be very large scale and conducted only on climatologists, politicians and Carbon Traders in case there is some genetic divergence in this group from the main stream population that might otherwise invalidate the trial.
I am looking for volunteers/nominees for this trial.