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AWG and Heritage

As a former heritage industry conservator/restorer, I occasionally look over certain websites. Looking over the homepage of English Heritage, an organisation in which I used to be quite well known and for which I used to do quite a lot of work, my attention was drawn to their strong belief in man made global warming and their assertion that unless carbon emissions were cut, historic buildings would be badly affected. The relevant pamphlet has a picture on the front cover of a rural church emmersed in flood water.
'They don't know much about history at English Heritage', I mused, for flash flooding has been a permanent feature of this country throughout history. Indeed, I remember being shown an engraving of 1840 from a newspaper by a conservator friend, in the archive of the Brighton Pavilion, (yes Sarah Lucas) depicting a huge flood washing through the centre of Brighton, people, horses, carts and furniture all carried off down the High Street.
The Industrial Revolution was already deeply inconveniencing the folk of the South Coast eh?

Re: AWG and Heritage

Yep, this becomes inadvertently obvious when some 'disaster' is described as "The worst for years" or "since ", both of which clearly show that things were worse then. It would be safer (and truer) simply to point out that these things are very rare and leave it at that.