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Re: It's THAT time of the year again!

Hmmh, what I think is that these questions are mixing religion and politics into the subject of physics. It seemed not too long ago, some place in the past, a similar process was happening. I believe they called it Inquisition back then. It's philosophy was that whomever had the power made the rules.... I don't think it has changed very much. Instead on a hooded priest imposing on you threatening with the being burned at the stake, is an imposing teacher threatening a teen into thinking a certain way or else..

Re: It's THAT time of the year again!

For all the teachers that are trying to impart nonsense to our children, there are 5 just trying to balance teaching, paperwork, and managing the score expectations of the parents. They have pressure on all sides to "optimize" the solution to the problem given them.

We could imbue all kinds of conspiracy crap into the test above or we can recognize that spreadsheet man is involved.

The future is a scary place for the newly born. Schools as they exist today are potentially gonna disappear. There is an online High School available now. has an interesting discussion of the downfall of books.

Schools have every chance of seeing a similar fate. My wife, who has 4 degrees (Sociology, Forrest Recreation Management, Environmental Education [MS], and Teaching) and is a supporter of public schools is having it beat into her head that trusting public school teachers to educate your child is shear folly. This doesn't mean that they child can't get a good education through the process. It just means that the parents have to augment that education regularly. If that need for augmentation goes too far, you suddenly are asking... Hmm. should we just home school.

It is not an ideal solution. There are scale things that schools can do so much better. Labs for instance. The problem is, those labs are being starved.

Re: It's THAT time of the year again!

I'm surprised that universities in England and Wales don't just cut through the whole sorry system by setting their own joint entrance exams. 'A' levels would become obsolete immediately and the Unis might make a substantial amount of cash out of it.

Re: It's THAT time of the year again!

The answers I received to my posting were more or less as expected. Even the younger members of the forum appear to be on the same wavelength as me. I have been out of secondary and tertiary education for five years and then I wasn’t a teacher. I found the GCSE Physics papers from which I quoted, on a fly tipped rubbish dump at the back of my house. Titter ye not! No! No!
So I’m afraid I can’t answer if you satisfied the examiners’ mindset Frank. Actually it’s been an interesting few weeks on the subject of the veracity of exams. The actress Imogen Stubbs has found out that renowned Shakespearean theatre directors including her own husband Trevor Nunn, can’t get one of the new A-level A* grades in English Literature Shakespearean analysis! The best they could manage was a B! I myself am very sceptical about exams anyway.

Re: It's THAT time of the year again!

There is a belief inside education circles here in the states that curriculum should be unified. It is vital, in their minds that a student in Wasilla, AK be able to move to Washington DC and not be either ahead or behind. For some unknown (ok I do know) reason, they see education as the summation of facts and experiences and that to be fair each student must be presented with the same set of facts and experiences. UGH!

The first half is correct. It is the second half that is wrong and devilishly wrong. It is the variances in the educational processes that make the world better. When we unify our curriculum, we quite often stifle what could happen with just a little bit of looseness.