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The Climategate Inquiries by Andrew Montford

Has anyone else read this report by the author of 'The hockey stick illusion'?

Fascinating stuff from a man who really knows how to investigate a subject.

Don't run away with the idea that the Parliamentary Enquiry into the Muir Russell and Oxburgh Panels conduct was in any way a government cover up. In my practical experience, they really are the incompetent fluffers that they have been described as.

Re: The Climategate Inquiries by Andrew Montford

The report looks like the usual thorough job by Andrew Montford, aka "Bishop Hill".

It's quite a remarkable rise for Bishop Hill, he's gone from having no interest in AGW (he just happened to follow a link to the Climate Audit blog) to being probably Britain's leading AGW sceptic in the space of about four years.

I first came across the Bishop Hill blog about three years ago, and an early impression was that he was different from most bloggers in terms of the amount of research effort he seemed to be prepared to put into some of his blog posts. His research also isn't limited to the internet, he seems to write letters, make phone calls and submit Freedom of Information requests as part of what he does. The vast majority of bloggers act as a sort of lazier version of a newspaper opinion columnist and their posts aren't all that much better researched than people writing on message boards. Bishop Hill is more like an investigative journalist who happens to have gone into blogging.

However I don't think the report will lead to any further inquiries for the time being. The event which might trigger another inquiry would be if there is another release of e-mails and coding by the leaker/hacker who did it last time. The release last year was described as a 'random selection', which could be taken to imply they have further material to release. Presumably if there is any more material to release it would happen just before the next big climate change summit which I believe is in Mexico in December this year.