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Two small ****** in the BBC's green baloon.

There are small but telling indicators for the listening public if they have sharp enough ears to hear. On Radio 4 in the past two weeks, despite the preposterous 'Costing the Earth' programme there have been a couple of inadverdent 'cracks' in the wall of green AWG propaganda which streams from the BBC.

During the early morning farming programme last week, a soft fruit grower was explaining to a young female BBC interviewer about the difficulties in remaining commercially viable. 'We thought of growing figs', he said, 'but in this country, you can only get one crop a summer, whereas in the mediterranean, you can get two'.
'Do you think you will be able to in twenty years time?' she asked, clearly with climate change in mind.
'No I don't think so' he replied, 'who knows in two hundred years?'

Then this Sunday during 'Gardeners' Question Time', Bob Flowerdew (I think it was), explained that the saffron industry had declined because we just don't get the hot summers that we used to.

That's really going against the party line I exclaimed to my other half.

Re: Two small ****** in the BBC's green baloon.

Yet last night's 'Countryfile' was right on-message again, with mention of global warming accompanied by stock footage of floods and somebody irrelevantly discharging waste into the sea. George Monbiot was allowed to spout the usual propaganda unchallenged. According to him, even if we can build coal-fired power stations with carbon capture, we shouldn't, because somebody might cheat.

The feature did at least admit that carbon capture would waste one quarter of the energy produced by coal, which seems breathtakingly stupid.

Re: Two small ****** in the BBC's green baloon.

Monbiot at least admits that wind power is rubbish and that nuclear power is necessary.

Re: Two small ****** in the BBC's green baloon.

"Monbiot at least admits that wind power is rubbish and that nuclear power is necessary."

I wouldn't say that Moonbat thinks wind power is rubbish, but he doesn't hold the Green orthodox position on wind power and nuclear power.

On nuclear power he was an outright opponent until about two years ago and then switched to having a more or less neutral attitude towards it, causing a bit of a kerfuffle in British Green circles.

On wind power he thinks that small scale renewable energy is rubbish and is a big critic of the Feed-in Tarriff subsidy arrangement, but he still thinks that large scale renewable energy like big windfarms will save the world. The orthodox Green position is that all wind power is great, whether it is small scale or large scale. As I remember it, one of Moonbat's concerns is that politicians might exploit a desire by people to generate their own small scale renewable energy as an excuse to reduce the subsidies for large scale renewable energy.

I did a quick check to see if Moonbat has altered his position on big windfarms. This article written in May 2010 suggests that he is still a big fan of wind power: