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Warming List on YouTube

I just noticed (via the Englishman's Castle blog) that some of the more wacky items on the NumberWatch global warming list are being presented in a YouTube video accompanied by jaunty background music.


But while watching the video I noticed there is an error in the warming list. The item which refers to AGW increasing the number of asteroid strikes is based on a news story given on the EcoEnquirer website.


The problem with the EcoEnquirer website is that it's a spoof website (though it isn't easy to tell). EcoEnquirer is a side project of AGW sceptic climate scientist Roy Spencer, who is surprisingly good at satire. So I think that one should be removed from the list.

In the UK, AGW and Greenery have never really been troubled by satirists in the mainstream media. The UK's main TV satirists like Ian Hislop, Rory Bremner and Marcus Brigstocke are all Greenies or Greenie sympathisers and though I don't listen to the radio, I've heard that it's the same on the radio. But the internet is a different animal and there is quite a bit of satirical material on AGW and Greenery around, so anybody submitting links would need to be careful about whether it is a genuine news site.