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Re: "Listen to this smoker scoff" ~Victoria Coren.

(less than sign) a href="link info goes here"(greater than sign) Title of link here (less than sign)/a(greater than sign)

Just replace the "link info goes here" with the link you copied. and the less than and greater than with the correct symbol

Re: "Listen to this smoker scoff" ~Victoria Coren.

Edward might be asking for something much more basic (apologies if he isn't), how to provide a link in general rather than a clickable html link. Quite a proportion of people on the internet don't have basic computer office skills (if they've never had to use a computer at work) like copying and pasting text. A few years ago newspaper article URLs were usually short enough to fit in the browser's address bar and someone could just copy the link by writing it down on a piece of paper. But newspaper article URLs tend to be more lengthy nowadays potentially requiring somebody to know how to copy and paste text.

This link explains how to copy and paste:


While I'm writing this post I might as well include the link to the Victoria Coren article: