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Re: nwuk CPS test!

In the UK it's CAFFCASS, formerly Family Court Welfare Service, nothing to do with numbers & adequately covered on other forums.
How do I know it's nothing to do with numbers? I've been through the system. Take it elsewhere please.


Re: nwuk CPS test!

Dear "meemoe_uk",

Why are you trying to foist a discussion of your own pet issues on the Number Watch forum? This forum is associated with a website, Number Watch, which has a style of "web log" (actually prototypical, because it has been running in the same format since before anyone had ever heard of a "blog", and it does not follow the same conventions in format of the blogosphere, although many people have tried to call it a "blog" since that word entered the vernacular). Our host has also published two books on a similar theme.

This forum takes its direction from the topics discussed in those books and on the Number Watch website. The discussions you have tried to start (9/11-was-an-inside-job conspiracy theory, this current one, vaccines) bear no resemblance to these topics, save vaccines, on which you come down on the other side to the members here, as you might have correctly guessed were you familiar with the history of this matter appearing on the Number Watch website and in the associated books.

Now, there are many legitimate social causes in the world, and others that are mere paranoid conspiracy theories, but not many of them are within the scope of this forum.

I can only foresee that you will face furhter disagreement with the members here who are baffled by the subjects you choose to raise and, often, by your viewpoint on them, because you do not seem to understand the viewpoints likely to be held by the typical Number Watch reader or the issues on which we are likely to have a common interest.

I notice that although you append "uk" to your name, your topics seem to have an American bent. The issue of the American Child Protection Service may be a legitimate one, and if so it is tragic. But it is also a matter internal to America, and must be addressed by American politics and its legal system. Your typical Briish Number Watch reader is powerless to do anything about it. Yes, there are American contributors here, but they do not usually start topics on internal American issues, unless they have an international significance.