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Re: Snow is a thing of the past

Only very old number watchers will remember that David Viner was the first ever Numby Laureate. In the citation (at the end of NOM for December 2001) there is a link to a logical analysis by your bending author of one of Viner’s little essays, published in Spiked.

Re: Snow is a thing of the past

For anybody interested in what David Viner is currently doing, this video sums it up fairly well. He's the Director Of Climate Change at the British Council.


It looks like the British Council is engaged in setting up young climate change activists all over the world. I'm sure this Council is only supposed to promote the English language overseas, they seem to have diversified a bit.

Re: Snow is a thing of the past

On the subject of the old Independent article by Charles Onians, I noticed that it's currently the most viewed article on the Independent website. The top 10 for 20th December are:

1 Snowfalls are now just a thing of the past
2 Snow in the UK: Your winter 2010 pictures
3 Been there, seen that: Does sex still sell movies?
4 The 50 best wines for Christmas
5 No more reindeer jumpers: What to wear this Christmas
6 BBC journalist Brian Hanrahan dies
7 The ten best party snacks
8 BANNED: The most controversial films
9 No naps, and no clothes in bed: Manning's cell life
10 Manchester United top of the 25 best supported clubs in Europe

It just shows how influential the AGW sceptic blogosphere is becoming.