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Re: CO2 Science

As all can see, I am a professional engineer and not a scientist.

The amount of CO2 is, so it is said, 385 parts per million.

(385/1,000.000) X 25,000 (gallons of water) = 9.625 gallons

So then, round it up to 10. It is not difficult to find a swimming pool with a capacity of 25,000 gallons.

So I propose a physical experiment. Measure the temperature in a swimming pool of 25,000 gallon size. Pour in 10 gallons of boiling water. Mix by running the filter pump for 1/2 hour. Then measure the temperature again. I would predict that there would be no discernable difference in temperature.

Since sunlight is a 1/2 day cycle, repeat daily.

That CO2 has any significant effect on the temperature of the atmosphere is obviously absurd.