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Zodiac Drivers

Apparently someone did a study of driving under the zodiac.

Wow, my scorpio sign is the best of drivers...

WAIT, they changed my sign last week. I am not a scorpio any more.

Of course they didn't show the distribution.

Re: Zodiac Drivers

Presumably you're talking about the recent 'study' by Allstate Insurance Brad:


This one is claiming Scorpios are involved in the least number of accidents and Virgos are "700 percent more likely to be in a car accident in the last year" than Scorpios. That's a pretty impressive variation, and even might suggest that astrology has some validity, but I suspect the insurance company has just made the figures up.

Doing a bit of Googling, it is apparent that other publicity-seeking 'studies' on zodiac signs by insurance companies give completely different results as to who are the best and worst drivers. This one by claims Leos are best with Librans worst:


This one by Suncorp has Capricorns as best with Geminis as worst:


On the changing of the zodiac signs issue (something to do with a 13th sign being introduced called Ophiuchus), that one comes up every few years and astrologers have some sort of rebuttal for it.

Re: Zodiac Drivers

I think I've sorted out the mystery of why there are 700% more accidents by Virgo drivers relative to Scorpio drivers. It's due to Allstate Insurance using a different version of the zodiac calendar from the normal one where each of the twelve star signs represents an approximately equal period. In their version of the zodiac, the 13th sign of Ophiuchus is brought into the mix, and it seems to change the period lengths of the other signs. The distribution is given on this webpage from 'wink news':


Scorpio lasts from Nov 23rd to Nov 28th (6 days) and had 2,855 accidents in 2010.

Virgo lasts from Sep 16 to Oct 20th (35 days) and had 23,273 accidents in 2010

So the very low accident rate for Scorpio results from the fact that Allstate Insurance is taking the time period for the star sign as lasting less than a week.