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£900 for poorer students

As the government currently makes a fuss about top universities admitting students from disadvantaged backgrounds, supposedly to illustrate this, there was an item on yesterday's BBC1 Breakfast programme on how the initiative would help people like the charming, brown, female, student, (accompanied by her head teacher), who expected to get into Oxford this year.

What a difference this delightful, well spoken, articulate girl was from the hundreds of inner city deprived, often black, kids that I've met. She was obviously from a middle class background, and although few in number, it won't have been too hard for a disingenuous or perhaps niave BBC, to put her forward as an example of the unfairness of the system. Never mind the reality that most children from so called disadvantaged families can't string two words together, have no interest in education and are nigh on impossible to teach effectively in current circumstances.

This interview merely demonstrates the possibilities for an individual; it tells the public nothing about the real reasons for the lack of university entrance from poorer backgrounds. They get poorer grades because there are fewer of them, they are poorly taught, have unsuitable homes and parents and most of them arn't interested in education period. But this goes against the leftist/BBC wisdom that all children have equal intellectual potential. They don't. So be witness to another failed government initiative engendered by fundamental misunderstanding!