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Re: Earth core rotation paper purportedly corroborating AGW.

...and, perhaps, check the spelling of behove.

Re: the previous post, certainly CO2 made from C14 or C11 and O15 will be radioactive, albeit briefly, but what is the relevance to this thread?

Re: Earth core rotation paper purportedly corroborating AGW.

In reply to Disputin, "behoove" is just the US spelling of "behove". Often US spelling differs from the UK spelling in dropping a letter in a word (like the u in colour), but in this case a letter is actually added.

I think Laurence doesn't like your Polonium 210 analogy as an example where a trace amount of material causes a big effect, presumably because it's a radioactive material.

THe main problem in using the miniscule quantity or trace gas argument for CO2, and not bothering to elaborate the argument any further than that, is that there is obviously a case where the CO2 trace gas does have a very large effect on something, namely that it supports all vegetation on Earth. I remember as a schoolboy being impressed by the efficiency of the plant kingdom, the animal kingdom needed air with a pretty substantial component of oxygen whereas the plant kingdom could get by with almost negligible amounts of CO2 as their equivalent breathing gas.