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Re: Bolivia gives equal rights to Nature

You know what?

I read somewhere that in the past, if you dared to say that the earth was not the belly button of the universe and EVERYTHING else rotated around it, making US the actual center of the universe, you were tortured, killed or something very unpleasant would happen to you (E pur si muove!).

We are receding (or should I say reseeding) a little in our modern times. The ego of humankind is immense and along with its ignorance and the speed and access to masses with communication (i.e. internet)somebody(ies) is(are) having a nice little power trip and making a whole lot of money.

To think that we actually have the power to effect such changes would make us a little less than demi-gods.

However, something good has come from all these lies and scams: some people are actually starting to reduce their waste footprint.

Re: Bolivia gives equal rights to Nature

In reply to Disputin, it looks like you're interpreting 'The Law of Mother Earth' as being some sort of ultimate victory for animal rights campaigners. I suppose that in the hands of a bunch of lawyers it might well turn out that way, but I was interpreting 'Mother Earth' as being 'Pachamama', an earth deity believed in by the indigenous people of the Andes region of South America, who makes the soil fertile and causes earthquakes.


About half the population of Bolivia is made up of indigenous 'Indian' people, and they are strongly represented in the current government led by Evo Morales. Technically speaking Bolivia is a Christian country following the Spanish conquest, but in practice Christianity has just been slapped on top of an underlying Pagan or pantheist belief system held by the indigenous people.

Pagans are less concerned about killing animals than the average person in a Western country, so I wouldn't see this as being some sort of victory for 'animal rights'. As an example of what I'm talking about, llamas are regularly sacrificed to Pachamama, and after a bit of Googling it's easy to find a few example photos:

This one (a bit gruesome) is a llama that has been sacrificed at a silver mine, presumably to improve the silver yield:

This one is of a sacrificial llama being led on to a football (soccer) pitch, presumably to help win a football match: