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Cholesterol Exonerated

Well Sort of.

Of course, since this a "study", one shouldn't get much more out of this than "Don't get worried about cholesterol just because it is cholesterol. Always akin to don't worry about DHMO (di hydrogen monoxide) just because it is DHMO. In a rather broad area of exposure it is vital to life. It is also deadly at high levels of ingestion.

Fixating on anything without paying attention to the bigger picture is the best way to get hit by the train....

Re: Cholesterol Exonerated

Since cholesterol is the main constituent of cell membranes and arterial plaques are found in people from the age of twenty up with inflammation underneath, the logical conclusion is that the body is applying "sticking plaster" to inflamed spots in arterial walls. After all, no sensible entity is going to store spare food in its circulatory system, as the popular view of cholesterol would have us believe. I know how I should view anyone who insisted on tearing off sticking plasters covering any other sort of wound.

Re: Cholesterol Exonerated

Red Yeast Rice lowered my cholesterol levels quite nicely . . . inexpensive too.