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Re: Alcohol BAD

@Dave -- I love your angle.

It is a hard one to get the "other" side to embrace though. I try to get people to recognize that when the fan is corrupted by flying offal, I, as a person dedicated to the survival of my genes, won't wait 10 seconds before I fall 1 or 2 trees to chop into firewood to use to cook my food, water, and keep my family warm.

The ready availability of dense energy sources like coal, nuclear, and oil is what makes environmental idealism even remotely possible. Without that energy density, these environmentally concerned citizens would not have the time to ponder the environment except from the point of view of "how in the hockeysticks can I get my next meal and stay warm tomorrow?"

I have a batch of apple cider brewing in my house. I juiced all the apples in my yard this year. I marvel at how reasonable it tastes for my first effort at brewing. Then I wonder how important the "perfect" tasting cider really is. First it is alcohol which has its direct benefits to my sobriety. Second, it is likely quite safe to drink. When mixed with water the alcohol helps kill bugs in the water.