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Sound Energy Policy

Our Bending Author discusses the principle of sound energy policy. This reminds me yet again of a lesson my father taught me a year ago. He was ranting on his problems with getting an organization back on the straight and narrow. He hinted at teaching the CEO of the organization tricks on how to keep tabs on the straight.

I thought there might be golden pearls. Never ignore wisdom from those who have battled it out as a CEO/President of any size organization. I asked him what this trick was. Maybe there was some derivative of accounting that I could focus on to help me better help my company on the path to longevity.

His trick?

"Make sure your revenues exceed your expenses!"

As a board member of several different public organization, he was attempting to teach the CEOs to read their balance sheets.

You can easily apply this simple observation to the entire planet and see that the fundamental problems we are experiencing everywhere come down to this simple failure.