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We look forward to the delicious possibility that Chris Huhne, a man claiming to be the UK's "Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change" (shouldn't that read '...and AGAINST Climate Change'?) will soon go to prison. Caught by a speed camera, he allegedly pretended that his wife, a distinguished economist, was driving at the time and she dutifully went along with the decption.

Then, the blackguard dumped her. Bad move, Chris.

Huhne is a man of fathomless ignorance and superstition, whose twin aims are to hose great lakefuls of our money at his cronies in the 'renewables' sector while we all huddle shivering round a guttering candle, wondering how our jobs are enjoying the scenery in India.

My question is: when he's in jail, should they make him work the treadmill as a source of green energy?

Re: Huhne

>> My question is: when he's in jail, should they make him work the treadmill as a source of green energy? <<

Yes, but all the exhaled CO2 will probably cause massive global warming.


Re: Huhne

Regarding generating electricity by prison treadmills, that was one of a large number of cost-cutting schemes put forward by the public to the Government last year. This news article mentions that particular suggestion:


The suggestion got through the Treasury moderators but unfortunately it doesn't look like it is going to be implemented.

If Huhne does go to prison, it would be advisable for him to show more common sense than the last prominent Green-leaning ex-minister who ended up in prison. Elliot Morley, former environment minister and former president of the shadowy GLOBE International organisation, who is currently serving a prison sentence over the MPs expenses scandal, turned up at the prison wearing a £3000 Rolex watch. Word got around the inmates that Morley had an expensive watch, and as might be expected, an inmate assaulted him and stole his watch.