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Update on David Viner

David Viner, famous in AGW sceptic circles for being the climate scientist that said snow was a thing of the past, and the first ever Numberwatch Numby Laureate, seems to have lost his job as a result of recent Government spending cuts. Viner was in charge of a climate change programme at the British Council intended to recruit young climate change activists from around the world. This news article gives details:

Viner's reaction is given in this paragraph: "The cuts are "dangerous to the UK," said David Viner, who led the council's climate change programme until last month. "Our work was described as 'national asset'. But these cuts will impact on the UK government's agenda to drive forward a global deal on climate change. Governments around the world will say 'why close this if you are serious?'." Viner added that global action is essential "to protect the UK government's own agenda" of deep domestic carbon cuts, which will falter if other nations do not follow suit."

As a reminder of the 'vital work' that Viner was doing, here is a video of him manning a British Council exhibition stand at the 2010 Isle of Wight pop festival:

The Isle of Wight pop festival, which was revived about ten years ago, is probably most famous for being the last venue Jimi Hendrix played before his death in 1970. I wouldn't have thought the taxpayer needed to promote Greenery at a pop festival, as the Greenies are already considerably well-represented at such events (I think Greenpeace even have a stage named after them at the Glastonbury festival). Presumably Viner went round the whole summer UK pop festival circuit.